The Benefits of the Cbt Training

The are four categories of licenses a new motorcycle rider has to consider. They can the go ahead and obtain the license appropriate to their circumstances. The criteria here are mainly age, perceived skills, and the type of motorcycle being considered. The rider must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for a licences. One can get a license for a moped at the age of 16. For motorcycles of up to 125cc one has to be 17 years or over. In addition, riders who are over 19 can use bikes of horsepower 47. However, they will be test on bikes of horsepower of 27. Over the age of 24 for, one can get the A license. This is also known as the full licence – and it has no limit when it comes to the type of motorcycle one can ride.

A CBT short for Compulsory Basic Training – certificate proves that one has been trained and has the skills needed to ride a bike. This is done through learning basic manoeuvres on the type of bike one has the license for. The tests for CBT are conducted both on and off road. To start with one will ride a bike to test for handling skills – this is done off road. Then, the rider will be observed on the road by the licensing authorities. The CBT has been in existence for over 20 years. The goal is to reduce the number of motorcycles accidents on the road. In many ways, this has improved the public’s perception of motorcycles and their riders. The public appreciates that these tests ensure riders are more capable of handling their vehicles.

The younger generation loves motorcycles because they are easier and cheaper to obtain than cars. To top that, bikes come with a sens of freedom in a way that you can’t get from a car.The CBT tests, on the other hand, give more confidence to both the riders and their parents. The most important part is that professional trainers ensure that a rider is ready before they allow one to take a vehicle onto the road. They will only give their approval if a trainee demonstrate a good level of skill in handling their bike. Find out more today!


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