Take a Cbt Course in London

Are you ready to get a licence for a a motorcycle, or do you need to upgrade to an unrestricted licence? Perhaps you need some DAS Training so that you can get your A2 license. Our facility is one of the most trusted facilities in the area. We offer a CBT course London instructors have been proud to offer to many people, including a few celebrities. We are a certified facility that uses the most current information and state-of-the-art equipment. Sign up today so that you can get the freedom you need to ride the wind on an automatic or manual bike.

Help Obtaining Your A2 Licence


We can help you obtain your A2 licence or your unrestricted licence if you are older than 19 years of age. You must have a restricted, full or EU driver’s licence before you can take an A2 course or get an A2 licence. Furthermore, you must take a compulsory basic training course before you can be eligible, unless you have an A1 and are using the progressive system. Compulsory basic training is a comprehensive course that takes you through the motions of learning the five elements that will keep you skilled on a bike. Those elements include off-road riding, on-road riding, using the controls safety, knowing the proper jargon and strengthening the eyesight. After you learn all of those elements and finish your CBT course, you will then have to take a motorcycle theory test. The theory test is just that. It contains a series of questions about various scenarios that you might go through whilst you ride a bike. It tests your knowledge on hazard awareness, bike loading, vehicle types, traffic signs, handling the motorcycles and knowing all of the basic rules.

Our instructors are educated, patient and compassionate, so don’t fret even if you have never ridden a motorcycle. Our goal is to make you comfortable with riding and make you a highly skilled professional. Call us to schedule a course.

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