Honda Cbf125 – More Value for the Money

The Honda CBF125 isn’t the most capable motorbike around in terms of raw power. But for people who only need a reliable vehicle that has classy looks to go with, the Honda CBF125 certainly shines. The bike was brought to light in January and since then, it has been lapped by many buyers. In fact, the demand was so high, the dealers were unable to keep up with it, which resulted in quite a bit of delay with deliveries.


The bike’s 4-speed, 124.7cc engine has been designed to offer more fuel efficiency at the cost of sheer thrill. The bike can move at a maximum speed of 65mph. You can take the bike on a motorway, but not too often. According to Honda, the bike offers 11bhp, which is only a digit more than the YBR125 – CBF125’s closest competitor from the Yamaha stable. However, in real-world usage, you won’t notice much difference between the two.

Ride and Handling

The bike has drum rear and single disc front brakes, and the handling is quite good too. A 30-minute ride on this bike should be fairly comfortable. But the rear portion could suffer on extended journeys because of the twin-rear inexpensive shocks, especially on motorways. When riding in town, you may feel like riding a rocking horse when switching between braking and accelerating in start/stop traffic queues.

Reliability and Quality

For such a bargain price, you should not expect the bike to be flawless. Therefore, though disappointing, it should not be surprising that the exhaust doesn’t look like it would come the distance. There have also been customers coming down heavily on the matte black variant’s workmanship. The plastics are bendy and have fragile grommets.


The speedometer dial numbers denote the gear you are in when on the road. There is no rev counter, by the way. You can, however, gauge the bike’s fuel levels from the dashboard. In case you start on a full tank, only a third would be remaining if the capacity mentioned is half on the display.

Honda CBF125 Review Conclusion

Honda is a reputable name and this bike looks good too. Moreover, the ownership costs are lower when compared to taking the bus for daily commute every day. For a price slightly more than £2,000, you may probably not need any other vehicle for transport.

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