Full Motorcycle Training Needed

When considering DAS training, its good to know things that would make the process easier. Firstly you would need to be over the age of 24 to get the unrestricted motorbike license. If by chance you had an A2 motor bike license for two years or more, then you could just simply upgrade your existing license by being re-tested on a unrestricted motorbike. The great news is, on completion of the DAS full motorbike training, you would be able to ride any motorcycle or scooter. If one passes the manual motorbike license test, then you can ride both automatic or manual motorcycles. Please note that if you pass the automatic motorcycle license test, your license will only be valid for automatic bikes so it would be in your best interest to go for the latter which is the manual bike license.

Aside from being the appropriate age for attaining your unrestricted motorbike license, you would also need a valid motor vehicle license. If you are not in position of a existing A2 motorbike license,you would have to do a Compulsory Basic Training(CBT). One of the prerequisite to booking the DAS motorbike training is doing the motorbike theory test. Once you have passed this test, you will be given the motorbike theory exam certificate number which can then be used to secure your DAS exam. In order to attain a DAS motorbike training one would have to pass module 1 and 2 DVSA.

Module 1 is comprised of a 12 minutes off-road test. The idea behind this module is to see if the candidate can handle and control the motorbike in both high and low speeds. Module 2 on the other had is a 35 minute road test, testing the candidates ability to handle the bike on the open road or in traffic.When obtaining a license that allows you no restriction with regards to power, make sure the test is being conducted on a motorbike with a minimum of 595cc and at least 53bhp power output. Always make sure you have full motorcycle training, sufficient time to practise on the bike before you do your test in order to make sure you pass your modules with flying colours.

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